August 3, 2019 – Celebrating Ed Klebe’s 80th Birthday


Ed’s 70th poem by Melissa W. (Read again in honor of his 80th Birthday)

Ed’s 70th poem, short and sweet —
Less than a novel, more than a tweet.

Drives from Woburn — never the same
Listening to Littlefield’s “Only a Game.”

Starts the coffee, and might make
Shoefly pie or funny cake.

Now makes sure the milk is stocked,
And guarantees the temple is locked.

Prefers to drink Hot Chocolate;
Reminds to announce what Bob forgot!

Lately he will treat with scones
Which runners down as he bemoans

The vagaries of e-harmony
Which he approaches gingerly.

Library of Congress Career,
Then Thailand Peace Corps volunteer

To Barnes and Noble Story Hour
Where Clifford stories kids devour.

Traces genealogy
Dakotas now on family tree,

Love of grandkids brought him north
And NOT the weather, which brings forth

His frosty beard on winter days
And pouring sweat from summer rays.

Helps Bob with July 4th races;
Swims in Walden Pond he aces.

Never one to cause hubbub,
He founded Ashville’s running club.

Quite the independent cuss
Drives alone — no race-day fuss.

Welcomes new folks to the pack,
His Marathon days won’t be back

Yet perseveres on cranky knee,
Happy Birthday, Mr. Klebe.